Seventeen Days Remain to Revive the Soul of America

Photo Credit: Shane Rounce

I don’t know about you, but I remember a time when it seemed that an overriding sense of basic goodness in the world would always prevail over darker realities. That our shared history gleaned over centuries of strife pointed to the need for reason, collaboration, and a simple sense of right and wrong to thwart greed, opportunism, and debasement of all that is good.

Have I been wrong in thinking so? It seems to me we are at a defining moment, one which seems to ring like a bell to me. I so want to have that ring reverberate to everyone, waking us all up at 3:00 a.m. with a profound sense of duty to speak for what it is we do want, which can’t possibly be more strife, untruth, and debasement of all things beautiful.

What we do now, this day, and in the next two weeks may determine the quality of the remainder of our lives. Which way will you go? If we let others decide for us, are we in essence throwing away our power? Our self-agency?

I believe so. We are not sheep. I know many of us feel beaten, bruised, and too jaded to even act. But that’s self-defeating. We’re in shock and alarm, and denial has taken root in many of us. We still want to believe that America will take care of us, no matter who holds office. But we must wake up to the slow and insidious take-hold of darkness in our culture.

I am mortified every day that I witness our citizens being led down a garden path of mistruths, so wanting a return to normalcy that they risk their lives flagrantly at large events, displaying easy intimacies. When did we lose a love of reason as a guiding force? Common sense? It boggles the mind.

I feel empathy for us all, of course. We are not used to handling these soul-crushing days with aplomb. Whoever would have thought we’d need to reign in basic closeness and bonding with our tribes? But we’re beyond that now. We have to forge ahead and take responsibility for creating the world we want to see, and we can. But we can’t stand by.

We have two weeks in which to speak, and a few days grace beyond that. Past that point, it may well be in others’ realms to speak for us. I encourage all of you to think very carefully about what you want the next four years to look like, the remainder of your lives, and your children’s and grandchildren’s lives. This is no joke. There’s no relief at the half hour. Now is the time.