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From a marketing perspective, Margaret’s ability to think strategically -- something not every creative writer can do  -- has produced writing for our agency that is smart, insightful, and well crafted from project inception to completion. Margaret seems to instinctively understand how to produce effective communications that sell to our varied audiences, which have generated substantial revenue for our agency. For all types of media, I recommend her services highly.


Linda George / Account Supervisor / McCann 



Margaret is an insightful consultant who provided big ideas and strategic insights for the development of our online branding campaign. In addition to her compelling creative concepts, the work was strategically on point. The campaign helped to increase our agency's role and ultimately a high level of growth to our client's offerings.



Rick Robinson / Innovation Marketing at Firmenich



I found Margaret to be both an innovative writer and strong conceptual thinker, and to possess a keen visual sense as well. She always brings a fresh perspective to creative meetings.


P.A. Tippett / Associate Creative Director /

Source Communications








. . . a gem of a performance, clear cut and sparkling . . .


Ann Quinn / The Journal-News

. . . a soaring soprano . . .


Arthur Aldrich / Our Town


  Winner / Best Drama 

Screenwriting Expo - 2009


Cloud Creek Institute of the Arts - 2009



ScreenCraft - 2021

Original Pilot / 

One-Hour Drama