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The Intuitive Gesture


At work, at play, at home, as a member of your community, there is

a shift in global consciousness toward authenticity. It begins with knowing who you are, how you align with your values and life

purpose, determining the areas in which you will contribute with

grace, to share your gifts with the world.


Once we align with our authentic truth – the question is, how do

we best extend ourselves – our reach, our perspectives, to the world?

We are each a unique waveform in the stream of consciousness, with

an intrinsic part to play in the global evolution of our planet.

How do we express all that we are meant to?


The Intuitive Gesture has been developed in answer to the

very real need for a more expressive means of communication,

for all facets of our lives, to penetrate beyond predictable

patterns of communication that, in large part,

quite frankly aren’t working. We’ve lost something.


Communication is an art we now give short shrift, and we

have become numb to many more expressive ways to interact

due to the pressures we currently face. But there is a better way.

As we extend ourselves to our work, to our dialogues, we

determine how we’ll express with our bodies and our voices,

with our emotions, points of view, and intelligence. These are

“gestures” part upon part, as in extending a hand to someone,

then extending beyond that.  It is based upon intention as the

gesture beneath all gestures. It is when we harness our essence,

our core truths, we can then shift into higher awareness and communicate from that place. From there, we can make

Intuitive Gestures moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.


I’d like to teach you how to express from this expanded place.

My one-on-one and group coaching methods will help you

develop interpersonal skills to enhance relationships, and

identify an authentic core understanding of the essence of

who you are, and the vital nature of your contributions –

individually, and collectively within the culture.


You’ll learn how to:


 Connect with and convey your authentic inner voice

one that many people don’t know they have.

Define your unique personal missionafter all, there is no one

like you, with your unique set of talents and perspectives.

Role-play to develop compassion and greater understanding of your peer groups, both inside and outside your circles of influence.

Develop intuitive writing practices to connect authentically

to your pen and keyboards. Nothing should be expressed

without clear intention and foresight. It’s at that point

that the writing instrument should move.

Engage in sound practices to raise your voice in the world.

These include mantra work, and vocal exercises to strengthen

your voice, amplifying both volume and presence. You’ll be

grounded in the essential truth and the integrity of your words.

Expand your lens on the world, viewing challenges and

opportunities with greater scope and grace.


The Intuitive Gesture is ideal for:


 Corporations – where a teamwork model is advanced,

yet challenged by a lack of cooperation, difficulties in

understanding others’ points of view, and self-protective

behaviors that create a sense of separateness.

 Schools – where children model the fear-based

conditioning currently patterned in the world, and look

to us for guidance as to how to operate in the world

more safely, with enhanced agency.

 Nonprofits – where the desire to impact groups of

at-risk individuals is limited by a diminished sense of

collective good arising from societal upheaval.

 Wellness community – where there is a conscious

collective of people already in sync with a greater calling

to serve, open to expanding their practices.

One-on-one coaching – where the areas of concern most

vital to you are addressed. This will be in answer to your

innate desire to make the most of your gifts and create

meaningful change in your daily life.


The premise of The Intuitive Gesture is that it is truly a call

to consciousness for all who take part. I will offer foundational principles that can be applied to any situation, and from my

perspective, must be, toward our evolution.


Like to express with greater light, awareness, and reach?

Please contact me for more details.










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