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100 Ways to Find Joy

Joy is your birthright. No matter what is happening in the external world, you and you alone determine your inner world. When you feel joy, you help lift the vibration of the world to a higher, less dense plane, and positively affect those around you.

Consider these 100 suggestions a jumping off point for your own explorations into joy today.

1. Breathe deeply, increasing your awareness from the top of your head, down to the tips of your toes. Feel yourself expanding in all directions, growing in magnitude.

2. Put your body on the earth – your naked feet and hands, and feel its restorative power.

3. Stand under the protective canopy of a tree and feel its life force enfold you.

4. Listen to the echoes of the sea and hear its music call to you.

5. Review the tapestry of your life, its ribbons and strands, with awe.

6. Watch a toddler reflect on an anthill.

7. Beam up at the stars and feel yourself among them, twinkling in cadence.

8. Crayon. Pick vivid colors out of the box you rarely see in life, and absorb their essences.

9. Write a poem about your first kiss. Or your first magical kiss.

10. Honor what you love to do most and spend ten minutes doing it, then watch the minutes expand to twenty, forty. . . .

11. Let yourself “be,” in sunlight. Feel its warm, loving presence surround you.

12. Listen to the birds call to you in song and sing to them in return.

13. Make a bouquet of peonies and watch them magically change color. (They do!)

14. Lose yourself within a kaleidoscope.

15. Marvel at sacred geometry (spirals, pyramids, spheres), and see them reflected in nature.

16. Feel peach fuzz on your own face fuzz.

17. Laugh as often as you can, from the belly, every day.

18. Jump up and down in excitement, for no reason.

19. Decide what interests you today.

20. Play with the possibilities.

21. Imagine positive outcomes.

22. Plan an exotic trip.

23. Plan a day trip.

24. Visualize a dream scenario and go to sleep imagining it.

25. See yourself in a grain of sand, then in every grain of sand on the beach.

26. Look at your graduation photo and remember your foibles fondly.

27. Look at your baby picture and remember your cuteness factor.

28. Resonate with your pets, as they teach you their innate language.

29. Discover silence.

30. Be lucidly free of distractions.

31. Get muddy after a rain storm, in your big hiking boots.

32. Surf the waves or a nearby puddle.

33. Be awed by a classic book.

34. Swap chocolate for earthy cacao.

35. Explore your chakra color alignment, then feel like a rainbow in motion.

36. Daydream something wondrous into being.

37. Play with multicolored marbles.

38. Explore the edges of your world, then go past its edges.

39. Imagine yourself as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

40. Create a mission statement for how you’ll live your best life from this point forward.

41. Yawn freely, with sound.

42. Use the words “I love” many times a day.

43. Wonder about this, that, and all else that crosses your step.

44. Feel your heart skip a beat when you hear your name called by one you love.

45. Smile inwardly, then outwardly at the world.

46. Whistle a lovely tune.

47. Float on a raft and watch the clouds overhead change form.

48. Observe your feelings rise and fall as they come and go freely.

49. Begin an autobiography, and plan a happy ending.

50. Jumpstart an old wish.

51. Bake cookies you loved when you were five, but have since forgotten about.

52. Buy a small treat under five bucks.

53. Be kind to a spider that crosses your path.

54. Be loving to a frightened chihuahua that nips at your feet.

55. Fingerpaint in bold colors.

56. Surround yourself in scents: lavender, rose, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, sandalwood.

57. Spend an evening in soft candlelight.

58. Go backpacking or camping to destinations near or far.

59. Sail at twilight.

60. Build a tree house and consider it a pied-à-terre.

61. Visit a historic site and imagine you once lived there.

62. Smile at small children and animals.

63. Forgive the past to release its lure.

64. Give up cynicism.

65. Plant a rose bush.

66. Create a crossword puzzle, then solve it.

67. Rub your feet with peppermint oil.

68. Paint one wall magenta to brighten your space.

69. Let more sunlight into your home.

70. Look for beauty everywhere.

71. Cook your favorite meal, the one that takes a little time.

72. Donate to a favorite charity or a new one.

73. Share generosity and goodwill with all.

74. Be silly.

75. Find awe when you least expect it.

76. Watch the sunrise.

77. Watch the sunset.

78. Meditate.

79. Swing dance.

80. Write a letter to your younger self and share your wisdom.

81. Write a letter to your future self, saying anything you’d like, and set it aside for a few years.

82. Relax into the present moment.

83. Review ten things you’re grateful for each day.

84. Set an intention for how you’d like to live this day.

85. Let go of old wounds.

86. Fill old wounds with lovingkindness.

87. Feel the grace of this moment.

88. Shine your light brightly.

89. Never hide who you truly are.

90. Take shame out of your vocabulary.

91. Share your gifts freely.

92. Generate positive intentions for all aspects of your life.

93. Let criticism fall by the wayside. If you don’t give it attention, it will dissipate like vapor.

94. Shake your body to heal stagnant energies that need release within you.

95. View yourself with wonder.

96. Be amazed at how you’ve grown.

97. Jump in with both feet to whatever you want to achieve.

98. Be proud of who you’ve become.

99. Allow love to bloom in your heart at all times, and under all circumstances.

100. Envision a never-ending joy list. . .ahead.


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