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Five-Sensory Visualization Journey on InsightTimer

Photo Credit: Frank McKenna

Every seasoned actor knows that portraying sense memory is key to lend credibility to a performance. Consider one working in a chilly, damp theatre in December, when the character must “live” in a hot, arid day in August. The actor must create this – and feel it – for it to be true to life. The wonderful thing about sense memory is that it also leads to emotion memory, the heart of every performance. Wonderful too, that the actor also has the ability to shift out of a negative mood and find joy, if the palette calls for it. Today, I believe we all need to add color to our palettes, which may have dulled over the past year. Would that be of interest? I’d like to share my brief Five-Sensory “Visualization” Technique, which is a dynamic way to add more color, vibrancy, and perspective to your day. Please enjoy at the link below.


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